Specializing in CPN Numbers, Tradelines, Credit Repair and Funding (202) 213-2218

Specializing in CPN Numbers, Credit Repair and Funding (202) 213-2218

CPN Programs

We offer a variety of programs to fit anyone's budget. Since we have a
large customer base are prices are very reasonable and some might even
say wholesale. All of our CPN numbers are guaranteed to work but the most
important part of our program is our invaluable free credit coaching.
We coach you every step of the way to make sure you are successful
in using your CPN number. Having a CPN number is great but its also 
equally important to know how to use it as well.

Currently we offer unlimited one on one coaching with all of our programs
but in the future we will either limit it to 30-60 days or start charging
a small fee.

Below Are Our Most Popular CPN Programs:

CPN Purchase $150

CPN number- trimerged,validated, and scanned. $150

This purchase is guaranteed against death master file, non issuance, and caution indications. Enjoy comfort knowing your CPN number is unused by anyone as a credit profile number in the Fico bureaus. * THIS PURCHASE IS FULLY PROCESSED! Tradeline Ready, Tri-merged, and credit bureau processed through Experian, Equifax, & Trans Union.

Click button below to apply for any of our CPN programs.

To set up a CREDIT PRIVACY NUMBER, this is what is needed.

1. Name of the person wanting the CPN

2. Address that is not associated with any credit on file.

3. Phone number that is not associated with any credit on file.

4. Date of Birth

5. New Email Address

$200 FREE BONUS: Detailed instructions on how to build your CPN profile to qualify for credit cards and a car loan

PLUS free one on coaching on using your CPN number (priceless)

We accept bank deposits, Google Wallet, Amex Serv, Paypal and Walmart to Walmart.

Once you pay, you need to send us – name,date of birth, new address, new phone number, new email. You can text it to 202-213-2218. we usually will have your tri-merged CPN number in 6 business days. You can expedite your order for a 24hr turnaround for an additional $60.

We are accepting payments  via Paypal,Western Union or Credit Cards

Once you pay, you need to send us – name,date of birth, new address, new phone number, new email.

$1850 Funding Package

1 Tri-merged CPN w/2 aged AUs 

740-780 score w/15k- 25k funding (about 35 days)

15% backend fee

$2700 Funding Package

1 Tri-merged CPN w/3 aged AUs 

750-800 score w/25k- 35k funding (about 35 days)

15% backend fee

Apartment Rental Package

Qualify to rent any house or apartment with out rental package.

Includes trimerged CPN, paystubs, and job verification.

Only $350

Tradelines for Sale 
Capitol One MC $5,200 6 years old $440
Bank of America Visa $5,000 2 years old $390
Barclays MC $11,000 2years old $470
Best Buy Citi Bank $6,600 6 years old $495
More tradelines available, call for more information and pricing- 202-213-2218